1. My BoomChair™ has a warning label on it that says the product contains lead and other chemicals, should I be worried? This product is completely safe. The lead is only contained in the power cord. Under California state law, it is required that warning labels be placed on products where the lead content exceeds 300 parts per million, or .03%. The amount of lead contained in the power cord on the BoomChair™ is .042%. This is still lower than the amount that is legally allowed in paint, which is .06%. As long as the cord is not removed from the chair and ingested, this product is safe for household use. More information and FAQs about this product can be found at www.boomchair.com.

  2. When I turn my BoomChair™ on, the power light just flashes and will not stay on, is this normal? Yes, with the newer models the light just flashes upon power up, it will not stay on during the entire time you are playing.

  3. On the instructions for my halogen lamp, it says not to handle the bulbs directly with your fingers, why is this? Oil from your fingers can cause a dark spot on the bulbs and possibly shorten the life of the bulbs itself. Also, when changing bulbs, make sure that you allow sufficient time for the bulbs to cool, as halogen bulbs give off higher heat than normal bulbs and can cause serious burns.

  4. The manual for my Electra® Lamp says to keep the lamp 3 ft away from electronics, can this product damage my electronics? The Electra® lamps have static electricity running through them and can potentially interfere with other electronic devices.

  5. The manual for my Electra® Lamp says to keep metal objects away from this lamp, is there a risk of electrical shock? The Electra® Lamps have electric charges running through them similar to static electricity. Metal can act as a conductor and simulate an electric shock similar to that of rubbing your feet in the carpet and touching someone. There is not a risk of severe electric shock unless the unit is opened or abused in such a way to cause this type of shock.

  6. I can not get my Cradle (or Smooch) Chair together, what am I doing wrong? The Cradle and Smooch chairs are made to fit their frame, however they can be tricky to put together. First put all the screws in the back and then into the bottom, but make sure that they are not screwed in all the way. Once all screws are in, tighten one by one.

  7. Can your products be used in a commercial environment? We do not represent our products for commercial use.
    Please contact a sales representative for your project toll free 1-(888)-461-5864

  8. How come when I test my halogen lamp nothing happens? For a halogen lamp to work it needs to be fully assembled, with all the metal touching. If the lamp does not work after assembly, try different bulbs.

  9. Where can I buy replacement bulbs or sconces for my lamp? Your can order replacement sconces or bulbs for our lamps by emailing customerservice@lumisource.com, or by calling our toll free # 888-461-5864.